Monday, September 15, 2008

Da way i were

A lon lon time ago, my mama deerist came to dis country and she get goot jobs cleanin house for da white ladees. Dey say dat she soo preddy and she do good so she varry appy. Not lon after she become impregnant wid a lil chimichanga named benito. Das me, well i didn have name yet but i gonna get dat name cause dat my name, but at da time she ad not name me. anyway, as i say before, she big like cantalope an white ladee say, "did u go to sleep wid my mang?" she was like no. It didn make senses to me cus she cleant da ouse all day and didn sleep, allso mexicans are not lazy an peeple no dis to be fakt. i forgot da things i was madre, que. This innerterret pages is dedikaded to my madre cus she got deported by crazy gringo slut cus she didn go to sleep, witch make no sense, but still later she died. miss you, but after 25 short years, i come back. i rember da way i was wen i sit like a pinto bean in a cow, all relax an warm waitin to slide onto ground. Da way i were was goot, but da way i am is great. I have soshale sekurity card from sum dead gringo so now i even vote an get pay from a man name wellfair, he muss be doin goot cus he juss send me money an i do noting. I am appy with my life an i chosen to shar my expeerence wid u. stick aroun for more excited me.